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When did You first give me this new tool in stewarding Your money? I honestly can’t remember for the life of me. It has only been a few weeks for sure, but has it ever been challenging.

This is how it works: every time I am extremely tempted to buy something for myself, I equate what I am wanting to buy with the eternal value of giving somewhere else. For instance, remember last week when I wanted to buy that large Vanilla Chai Bolthouse juice? That would cost about $5.50. Then, I looked up the cost of giving to Gospel for Asia–an organization that is all about directing people to Your glory. I found that for just $3 I could buy a Bible for a missionary in Asia or for $4 eight New Testaments.

I skipped the drink and gave $10 to GFA.

But even now, the struggle remains. I hate the font of this blog and want to customize it so it is ‘just right’ and pleasing to my perfectionist eye. No problem, right? None except that it costs $30. And I confess, Abba that it is a struggle still. Even though I know that $30 could sponsor a missionary for a month or buy ten Bibles, I still find it so incredibly difficult not to fix the stupid font.

Lord, deliver me.

But by Your grace, I am going to give that money to helping the persecuted church instead. And I pray that as I do it, You would inspire me to be a cheerful give that rejoices in temptation because it ultimately results in Your glory being shared and proclaimed throughout the world.

You see, I want every area of my life to reflect my priorities. I want a complete stranger to be able to look at my bank statements and know that I not only believe in my heart in You, but with my life.


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