Unrestrained Grace


I know this isn’t what the first blog post is to be about. I am supposed to tell everyone about how You called me to sell everything and preach the Gospel overseas.

Or at least I could talk about the glorious wonders that You did in South Africa or those you are soon to do in Australia.

But right now, my thoughts are on the present. I am wrestling with the wretched reality of my sin and pondering the deep and vast ocean that is Your grace.

This is what I don’t understand: There are millions of people that have never once heard Your name. I have met hundreds of these people myself. Many more will die each day, destined for hell, having never once heard the message of the Gospel. And yet You chose me to hear. Why?

I have been given the gift of time this last week. I have literally hours to do what I will. How do I use them? Do I treasure the gift and use the time to draw closer to You and learn more about Your heart? Usually not. Instead, I plan and scheme. I consider how I might draw others unto myself and steal Your glory. Your repeated requests for me to repent are often silenced as I drown you out with the noise of Facebook or articles from CNN.

Oh, but for Your amazing grace.

I can’t comprehend it, describe it, deplete it or restrain it.

But I want to spend the rest of my life sharing it.

Your daughter,

The Girl in the Corner

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