No place?


I told her, “I have to have a quiet time.” As I meandered into the room and slumped onto the bed, the statement was brought back to my mind? Was I saying that I needed a quiet time like I needed air or water? Or was I saying that spending time with You, the Creator and Redeemer of my heart, was a “have” like having to walk the dog or grade papers? 

Is spending time with You an obligation on a checklist or a response to the guttural cries of my broken and bleeding heart?

No place I’d rather be 
No Place I’d rather be 
No place I’d rather be 
Here in Your Love, 
Here in Your Love 

Set a fire down in my Soul 
That I cant’ contain that I cant control 
I want more of You God 
I want more of You God

Oh Father, forgive me. Give me a sense of wonder. Fan into flame the dying embers of my heart.

Your Daughter

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One thought on “No place?

  1. Taylor

    I needed to read this. God knew. He’s faithful. Thanks for your transparency, sister

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