Regarding Man


It’s a verse that seems almost out of place, tucked away at the end of Isaiah 2. You are rebuking Israel for their lack of faithfulness, promising future judgment for their rebellion. And then You end with this:

“Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?”

Of what account indeed?

I care so much what others think. How many times in a day do I subconsciously consider how others might view my actions or inactions?

If I am going out in the morning where others will see me, I dress smartly but if I am staying in, I scrub down. 

When I post on facebook, I constantly wonder if others wil like what I have to say–affirm me with that ever-deceptive “like” button. 

I cry when others think poorly of me.

The list goes on and on and on 

and on                     and on                   and on                     and on               and on                     and on….

But how often do I consider Your opinion of me? How often do I ask, “Does this please You or glorify You?”

Sometimes…but not enough. “Enough” is when I do all the time.

I want to care more about what You have to say then what others think of me.

Change my heart, Daddy.

I love You a little but want to love You more,

Your Daughter

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