It’s the question I keep in a stone box. I guard it viciously and diligently. Every time it pokes its creepy little head out of the box, I slam it back down.

The question is this: “What if I am wrong?”

Instead of resting on the Truth of Your Word, I have chosen the easy way out. Rather than going through, I have chosen around. I have purposed in my heart to not for a second consider the possibility that I have heard wrong. For me, I am paralyzed by the implications of such a thought.

You see, I have come to trust in words rather than You.

I have forgotten that You are faithful!

You are going to finish the work that You started in me.

Everything passes through Your sovereign hand.

You work all things together for my good.

Even if I stumble and fall, Your mighty hand will uphold me.

Your faithfulness and goodness will never be on trial.

Abba, no matter what happens, I can trust You. You are the only place of safety.

Though You slay me, yet will I trust You.
I Love you,

Your Daughter

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One thought on “Pandora

  1. I love you.

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