Over the last few months, I feel that i have learned a very important lesson–one which would have saved others much heartache had I been a good student years ago. With a deep clarity, I am realizing that the more I focus on my self, the unhappier I become. The correlation is so strong that it has become impossible to ignore. 

My hair isn’t long enough, my camera is broke, I don’t want to share, why do her braids look nicer, she doesn’t like me as much, why do my relationships seem hopeless, etc.

None of these questions bring me joy and they certainly don’t bring glory to Jesus. It is to blessed miracle of the Gospel that when we pour into others, we too are filled. I can’t be happy or at peace when I am focusing on myself. Idolatry always bring bitterness. I want to be different.

Abba, would you steady my heart? I pray that you would teach me to care not what others think, but you alone. I pray that you would remind me that I am free.

Today, blazen on my heart a desire to love you deeply and your people well.

Your Daughter,

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