10,000 Reasons For my Heart to Sing

1) I know love because You laid down Your life for me.

2) Every time I am accused, my beloved Advocate declares, “I paid for that one too!”
3) I have access to the inspired Word. What an incredible gift.
4) Alicia is coming home.
5) I have the incredible honor of watching the seeds of hope take root in Tony’s life.
6) Over and over You have used my difficult elementary school experience to challenge this present generation to choose Love.
7) You have changed the vocabulary of my classroom from “It’s too hard!” to “It’s a challenge!”
8) 2 hour late starts that allow me time to contemplate Your goodness.
9) By Your grace, I shall endure.
10) Karyn Franz.
11) Though it has been some of the hardest months of my life, You have encouraged me to press on.
12) When my strength fails me, You remind me that You are my strength and Your never fail.
13) Though my attempt to make chipati was pathetic, I was encouraged to know I still remember how wonderful it tasted in Uganda.
14) Though we will have to leave them come July, You have given us the strength to love them well.
15) Real talk with Hayley Dixon.
16) My children are my neighbors.
17) Yesterday I was reminded that You give and take away–and still remain as faithful as ever.

Press on, faithful.

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